Clean Air for a Healthy and Energetic Body


Breathing can be considered the sole action that keeps us alive. Oxygen, our greatest and indispensable need, is not only a necessity for our bodies but also of great importance for living a healthy and quality life. The indoor air quality directly affects the physical and mental health of individuals who spend time in these environments.

While factors like nutrition and exercise have significant impacts on our quality of life, they are not sufficient on their own. Regularly breathing low-quality and polluted air can lead to various respiratory problems in the long term.

Your air conditioner cleans the air in your home

Individuals with chronic conditions such as asthma or allergies need to pay close attention to the air quality of their surroundings. During the summer months, we often prefer to use air conditioning almost all day in enclosed spaces to keep the hot weather outside. However, the quality of air in air-conditioned indoor spaces can sometimes raise concerns. There are common misconceptions about this issue, with one of the most significant being the belief that continuous operation of the air conditioner depletes the clean air in the environment.

Air conditioning requires proper cleaning for air purification

The most important component of air conditioners used in enclosed spaces where air conditioning is constantly used to purify and keep the air fresh is the filters. Therefore, details such as regular maintenance and filter cleaning of your air conditioner not only extend the life of your device or save energy but also provide clean and healthy indoor air by ensuring that regularly cleaned filters offer a clean and healthy environment.

Thanks to the self-cleaning feature found in all Mitsubishi Heavy Industries air conditioners in your home, problems caused by dust are minimized. Additionally, Mitsubishi Heavy air conditioners in Diamond and Premium series clean the air in environments where allergens may be present, such as homes with pets, by subjecting the air to an antibacterial treatment with their antibacterial fans to resist all kinds of dirt and microbes, thanks to their allergen filters. They also clean molecules that cause bad odors with their photocatalytic odor-preventing filter. Moreover, this filter can be easily removed, washed, dried, and reused multiple times.