CEO’nun Mesajı

Dear Friends, Our journey as FORM Group started in a modest 20 m2 project office in Ankara in 1965,is taking new turns. Up to today we continued with production, distributorship and sales activities. Now our joint ventures with our business partners have accelerated. By remaining loyal to our field of expertise, we invested in innovation in production and diversity in product and distribution channels. As a result of our highly successful cooperation with Japanese Mitsubishi Heavy Industries since 2011, we’ve built a new partnership. We believe that this partnership would be extremely efficient not only in perspective of FORM but also in perspective of HVAC sector of Turkey.

For 60 years we never compromised our ethical values that shed light on us. Since our establishment, we have adopted the principles of Honesty, Reliability and Continuity. We tried to establish a structure that gives initiative to our employers and open to change, development,institutionalization and expert in its area. With the awareness of the direct impact of the quality of our work on our reputation, we have adopted the principle of being a reliable solution partner, offering effective solutions to changing customer needs in all steps we take. We became experts, we added experience to our experience. We believe in innovation, technology and sustainability in every field and always aim to present the new and better to the market.

Environmental awareness was the natural result of our activities. We maintained our leadership in green building applications. We gave importance to environmentalism not only in our applications but also in our working areas. We focused not only to the successes in our business life but also the social responsibility projects with an understanding to give our society what we received. We are a group of companies with the highest number of working women in our sector with 35% female employment and we support the success of women in business life starting from their education.

As our esteemed leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk said in one of his speech: “The most important capital for corporations are ; intelligence, attention, virtue and to know how to work technically and methodically. If you embrace this belief, you will surely succeed .” We are determined to move forward with decisive steps.

As FORM Group, we would like to thank everyone who contributed to our development. We are confident that our future will be even more successful with the valuable contributions of the next generation.

Tunç Korun

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